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Narodovolcheskaya prison
The ancient fortress Oreshek had not only military value. Under Peter I, a “secret house” appeared here - a small building where prisoners were kept. There were only 10 cells in the prison. Two stone buildings of the "new prison" appeared later. The new convict high-security prison is k
St. John’s Cathedral
The ruins of the cathedral destroyed during the defense of Leningrad are preserved on the territory of the Oreshek fortress. After lengthy shelling, fragments of brick walls and the lower tiers of the bell tower remained. Inside the destroyed cathedral there is a monument to the heroic defenders of
Monastery Bay
The monastery bay is the first thing that tourists and pilgrims see arriving on Valaam. It is precisely in this bay that small vessels enter to moor at the pier near the monastery. Directly from the pier begins the stairs, which rise to the central manor. The peculiarity of the Valaam archipelago i
Samson Fountain
The Golden Samson, tearing the jaws of the lion, is the third composition that has been installed at this place, which we see near the lower stage of the Grand Cascade. The first sculptural group was made of lead by the famous architect Rastrelli. The allegorical composition was established in 1735
Cathedral mosque
The Bulgarian cathedral mosque was built in the XIII century, during the time of the Golden Horde. It was erected on a hill, folding the walls of white limestone and decorated with carved ornament. An impressive building on a strong foundation was visible from afar, it is reinforced with buttresses
The Museum of Bulgarian Civilization
The museum tells about the culture of the ancient people who once lived on the Volga coast. The city of Bolgar is a protected area. Here was the capital of the disappeared Bulgarian state. The multi-level stone building of the museum, made in the Oriental style, combined with the river station. It
White mosque
The complex "Ak-Mechet", which is translated from the Tatar means "White Mosque", is located in the city of Bolgar. The ancient capital of the Bulgarian state is located 200 km from Kazan. Tourists get here by road or water transport. The white mosque is a modern construction. It is open in the sum
Kizhi skerries
What are skerries mean? Most likely, the word has a Scandinavian origin. In Swedish, “skar” means “cliff”, “rock”, “hindrance”. Skerries are the group of compactly located islands and separate surface underwater rocks. Underwater rocks are called &ldq
Catherine Block
Rare guest will turn their attention to this palace while walking in the Lower Park of Peterhof. A low-rise not at all pompous building, near the Dutch house of Peter I, is nothing more than the small main palace of Empress Elizabeth. You shouldn’t rush to run past this palace to Monplaisir o
Chapel of the Assumption of the Mother of God
A small wooden chapel appeared on Konevets in 1899. It was built on the site of an old worship cross. The cross made of wood was broken by the storm. Chapel stands at the road fork. One leads to the Holy Mountain. The other is to a secluded Kazan small monastery. Surrounded by a pine forest, the te
Church of the Transformation
The image of the beautiful wooden many-domed church, a symbol of the Kizhi, is known all over the world. There is a legend that the magnificent wooden temple was built by the famous Nestor without a single nail. Myths and Reality It is said that the famous old Russian carpenter, having finished hi
Fortress Oreshek
In the vicinity of Saint Petersburg there is an ancient Russian fortress Oreshek. The fortification was named after Orekhov island where it is situated. The fortress was founded in the 16th century by Prince Yuriy Danilovich, a grandson of Alexander Nevsky. For a long time Oreshek served as the maj
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