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The Upper gardens

The ensemble of parks and palaces is divided into the Lower Park and the Upper Gardens. While to visit the Lower Park tourists have to purchase a ticket, they can freely walk through the Upper Gardens.

During the reign of Peter the Great, the Upper Gardens served to grow vegetables and its ponds were used for fish farming. The original design of the garden belongs to German architect Johann Friedrich Braunstein. Later the garden was expanded using drafts of F. B. Rastrelli, who had already proved himself as a marvelous architect.

The fountains on the territory of the Upper Gardens appeared at the end of 18th century. The first fountain was named "Oak fountain" after a noble tree located in the composition center. Later the lead oak-tree was removed from its position and replaced with a sculpture of Cupid putting on a mask.

A favourite place for walking during sunny summer days are the covered walkways - berceau. Every walkway incorporates three treillage pavilions. These elements appeared in the Upper Gardens also in the beginning of 18th century and were a typical component of regular gardens of that time.

You can marvel the beauty and remarkable flawlessness of the Upper Gardens during your visit to famous Peterhof. So that the trip remained a pleasant experience for you, we recommend you to go the Imperial Summer Residence by a fast motorboat. A hydrofoil to Peterhof is not only the fastest means of transport, but also an unforgettable water trip, which will enhance your visit to Peterhof.


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