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Chapel of the Assumption of the Mother of God

A small wooden chapel appeared on Konevets in 1899. It was built on the site of an old worship cross. The cross made of wood was broken by the storm.

Chapel stands at the road fork. One leads to the Holy Mountain. The other is to a secluded Kazan small monastery. Surrounded by a pine forest, the temple looks just tiny, almost toy.

The Assumption Chapel is made in the style typical for the Russian North: a log house, a carved covered porch, a tent. The temple is crowned with a small elegant onion dome and a cross.

Natural colors are used to color the temple: blue, turquoise, and cornflower blue. There are white and light brown colors in the decoration.

The chapel is considered the most beautiful wooden building on the island. There are images of saints on both sides of the entrance door to the temple. On the one hand, St. Euthymius of Novgorod. On the other - Rev. Arseny.

The interior of the chapel, unfortunately, has been lost. Tourists can see the Assumption Chapel on a walking tour of the island.



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