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Hydrofoils to the island of Kizhi from Petrozavodsk

Nameteor.ru invites you to set off on a journey to the island of Kizhi from Petrozavodsk. A hydrofoil or a comet will take you to the reserve just for an hour and a half.

To make the trip take place, please select the excursion in the catalog or just a transfer to the island. For independently traveling tourists, we offer round-trip or only one-way tickets.

Hydrofoil trip to Kizhi

Travelling to Kizhi is always a holiday

A wonderful day awaits you: a “flight” on a high-speed boat on Lake Onega, a long pedestrian tour around the island, a fascinating excursion, master classes, a bell- ringing concert.

Even on the approaches to the archipelago, you will see the silver onion domes of the multi-domed Transfiguration Church. 22 of its domes are covered with "Russian tiles" - an aspen share, which eventually acquires an amazing silver tint.

Various wooden buildings brought here from the northern regions are “scattered” around the island. The masterpieces of wooden architecture have been restored. Expositions are organized in houses and churches which tell about the daily routine and spiritual life of the peoples of Karelia.

You will hear a lot of legends, learn how to build Kizhi boats, visit the house where a large peasant family lived, inspect the forge, mill, bathhouse. And here you can see how wood carvers and master carpenters work.

It’s so simple - to buy tickets online, so that later you will have a seat on the pier but not waiting for the next voyage. We offer the current timetable and prices, as in the box office at the river station.