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Peterhof State Museum

Catherine Block
Rare guest will turn their attention to this palace while walking in the Lower Park of Peterhof. A low-rise not at all pompous building, near the Dutch house of Peter I, is nothing more than the small main palace of Empress Elizabeth. You shouldn’t rush to run past this palace to Monplaisir or to the merry Shutikhs. Take your time, stop unde...
A particular highlight not only of Saint Petersburg, but the whole Russia as well, are the fountains of Peterhof. In the whole world you can hardly find a park complex abound with so many unique sculptures and fountain ensembles. Aspiring to convert his summer residence into "Russian Versailles", Peter the Great tried to create a perfect ensemble ...
Samson Fountain
The Golden Samson, tearing the jaws of the lion, is the third composition that has been installed at this place, which we see near the lower stage of the Grand Cascade. The first sculptural group was made of lead by the famous architect Rastrelli. The allegorical composition was established in 1735. It was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the ...
The Grand Palace
A major sight of Peterhof park and its architectural highlight is the Grand Palace. This architectural masterpiece was built during two centuries, that is reflected at the exterior of the building, which embodies the elements of many styles. The front of the Grand Palace is decorated with baroque elements: pilasters, bas-reliefs, intricate ornamen...
The Upper Gardens
The ensemble of parks and palaces is divided into the Lower Park and the Upper Gardens. While to visit the Lower Park tourists have to purchase a ticket, they can freely walk through the Upper Gardens. During the reign of Peter the Great, the Upper Gardens served to grow vegetables and its ponds were used for fish farming. The original design of t...