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Narodovolcheskaya prison

The ancient fortress Oreshek had not only military value. Under Peter I, a “secret house” appeared here - a small building where prisoners were kept. There were only 10 cells in the prison.

Two stone buildings of the "new prison" appeared later. The new convict high-security prison is known as the Narodovolcheskaya prison. The name stuck because the members of the party “Narodnaya Volya” were enclosed in its cells for many years.

Some revolutionaries were brought here only to carry out the death sentence, others received a life sentence.

Prisoners were placed in solitary confinement. The mode of detention was very tough. Many did not endure an inhuman relationship and fell ill, many went crazy.

Two two-level buildings of the new prison were under a common roof. The old prison building got through a special gate. Narrow iron galleries stretched along the chambers of the upper floor. Between them was sturdy rope net. It did not allow prisoners to rush down to the stone floor to commit suicide.

Days lasted forever. One could either walk in a tiny “cell” or lie on a cold floor. The bed could only be used at night. It was lifted and fastened to the wall during the day,.

Now the Narodovolcheskaya prison is a museum. On an excursion to the fortress Oreshek tourists can explore its exposition, learn the names and biographies of prisoners.


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