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A particular highlight not only of Saint Petersburg, but the whole Russia as well, are the fountains of Peterhof. In the whole world you can hardly find a park complex abound with so many unique sculptures and fountain ensembles.

Aspiring to convert his summer residence into "Russian Versailles", Peter the Great tried to create a perfect ensemble of palaces and parks that will astonish every guest with its beauty.  So there were constructed 176 single fountains and 4fountain cascades.

The most spectacular fountain ensemble is considered to be the Grand Cascade. Its creation started in 1716 by the idea of the emperor himself. The composition is baroque stylish and encompasses over 60 single fountains and 250 sculptures. There is a statue of Samson tearing open lion’s jaws in the center of the Grand cascade. This Biblical plot symbolizes force and power of the whole complex. The Grand cascade is an improvised compositional center of the ensemble of palaces and parks and divides it into two halves.

Every park fountain has its own noteworthy history. Reaching Peterhof by a fast motorboat hydrofoil you’ll arrive at the lowest point of the park and be greeted with the most favourable and picturesque view on the park and the fountains, which will impress any guest of Peterhof.



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