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Cathedral mosque

The Bulgarian cathedral mosque was built in the XIII century, during the time of the Golden Horde. It was erected on a hill, folding the walls of white limestone and decorated with carved ornament.

An impressive building on a strong foundation was visible from afar, it is reinforced with buttresses and piles of durable oak. As planned by the creators, the mosque was supposed to inspire awe and demonstrate the greatness of Islam.

The cult building was repeatedly destroyed and twice reconstructed. Stone flooring instead of wooden flooring and many-sided towers of defensive importance appeared in the XIV century. Over the years of its existence, the traditions of Eastern, Crimean and Transcaucasian architecture have mixed in an intricate manner in the architectural appearance of the mosque.

To our time, from the building, once stunning the imagination with its grandeur and beauty, now there are partially restored and preserved ruins. The floor was leveled and filled with mortar. The preserved piece of the wall is complemented with modern masonry with carvings. To preserve elements of ancient architecture, protective visors and drainage systems were installed.

Every tourist will definitely see the carefully preserved shrine - the ancient cathedral mosque while going to the ancient city of Bolgar.


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