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Kizhi Island

Oshevnev House
There is 18 people, members of one family used to live in the house of the Oshnevnyh peasant farmers which stood on the Big Klymetsky Island. He was dismantled and brought to the neighboring island of Kizhi, when it was decided to create a museum of wooden architecture here. So in 1951 the old residential building became one of the first exhibits ...
Kizhi skerries
What are skerries mean? Most likely, the word has a Scandinavian origin. In Swedish, “skar” means “cliff”, “rock”, “hindrance”. Skerries are the group of compactly located islands and separate surface underwater rocks. Underwater rocks are called “blind skerries.” The concept of "skerries...
Church of the Transformation
The image of the beautiful wooden many-domed church, a symbol of the Kizhi, is known all over the world. There is a legend that the magnificent wooden temple was built by the famous Nestor without a single nail. Myths and Reality It is said that the famous old Russian carpenter, having finished his work and admiring the beauty of the constructed ...