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Excursions and tours on hydrofoils to Kronstadt from Saint Petersburg

Kronstadt is a city that is always interesting. You can walk around the island all day. There are so many interesting places! In a small area of the fortress city, more than three hundred different sights are compactly located.

On the Nameteor.ru website you can order fascinating excursions, each of which is a real adventure.

Cruise excursion to Kronstadt
The nearest tour: 29.04.2024 at 10:00
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One-Day Tours and Transfer to Kronstadt by high- speed motor ships

Kronstadt is a fortress city, built by order of Emperor Peter on the island of Kotlin. Around the city of military sailors on small picturesque islands there are several artillery forts, each of which is a historical monument. The forts scattered throughout the gulf can only be accessed by water now.

The hydrofoil going to Kronstadt moves in close proximity to the formerly formidable defensive structures. Tourists can view and photograph the forts that didn’t miss a single enemy ship.

From afar one can see the dome of the magnificent Naval Cathedral. The cathedral walls are almost completely covered with marble slabs inside, on which the names of thousands of dead Russian sailors are immortalized.

There is an old Petrovsky dock in Kronstadt, a famous depth gauge where the water level is measured, the only cast-iron pavement in the world, a monument to the stickleback fish and many other interesting objects.

See the timetable and select a date to buy tickets online. Prices are the same in the box office alongside the quay, but there is no waiting in line. Present yourself and your loved ones with a wonderful trip by water and get acquainted with the amazing city which defended the Northern capital for many years.