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Cathedral mosque
The Bulgarian cathedral mosque was built in the XIII century, during the time of the Golden Horde. It was erected on a hill, folding the walls of white limestone and decorated with carved ornament. An impressive building on a strong foundation was visible from afar, it is reinforced with buttresses and piles of durable oak. As planned by the creat...
The Museum of Bulgarian Civilization
The museum tells about the culture of the ancient people who once lived on the Volga coast. The city of Bolgar is a protected area. Here was the capital of the disappeared Bulgarian state. The multi-level stone building of the museum, made in the Oriental style, combined with the river station. It is deployed to the Volga and harmoniously fit into...
White mosque
The complex "Ak-Mechet", which is translated from the Tatar means "White Mosque", is located in the city of Bolgar. The ancient capital of the Bulgarian state is located 200 km from Kazan. Tourists get here by road or water transport. The white mosque is a modern construction. It is open in the summer of 2012. The mosque is open to all. Both belie...