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Rules of being on board the ship

Rules of being on board the ship

Rules of conduct on board a ship and in the process of mooring the ship

Passengers should to adhere the security measures and comply with the instructions of the crew during the voyage.

Passengers are prohibit to do during the voyage:

  • damage property (in case of damage or loss of property or equipment of the ship passenger have to compensate its cost on board
  • embark or disembark until the ship is moored and delivers the staircases
  • get out of the railing
  • go to a non-fenced area along the hull of the ship (fender guard)
  • open independently the doors of the central entrances of the ship and any other doors of the vessel. All service doors have signs
  • lean over the railings of the deck fencing
  • enter and being in a restricting area with signs “no entrance” and places where ship devices and works are located
  • climb to masts, remove life savers unless necessary
  • use fire and pyrotechnic means on the vessel (torches, firecrackers, fireworks, sparkles, sound and fire rockets, etc.)
  • use autonomous light sources on open decks in the dark time of the day (lights, lamps, spotlights, camera flashes, etc.)
  • place advertising materials in the shipboard space without coordination •ferry animals and birds
  • smoke in cabins/salons and open parts of the decks
  • carry some items classified as dangerous or illegal (compressed gases, caustic chemicals, weapons, explosive and flammables, drugs, radioactive materials, poisons, infectious materials, etc.) as well as alcohol products
  • be drunk or narcotic intoxication
  • throw cigarette butts and garbage overboard the ship
  • run in the ladders and decks
  • sit on the railing and fencing of the ship and floating landing stages •dive from beam position of the ship, bridges, floating landing stages, and other unsuitable facilities
  • leave children unkept during the route

Captain of the ship

The Captain is the main commander of the ship, so all the passengers have to take order by Captain within his authority