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Travel Journal on Meteors

Hydrofoil tour to fortress Oreshek
Among the various tourist offers the most interesting seem to be the places preserving its pristine view to the present day. One of such sights is fortress Oreshek and we suggest you take a tour on a modern comfortable hydrofoil. The fortress Oreshek was named after the island, where it was founded . This small island was distinct in a thicket of hazel nut trees (Oreshek means "a small nut" in Ru...
One day tour to Valaam
If you are tired of everyday routine and hustle and bustle of city life then it's high time you visited the holy island of Valaam. An excursion to the island will turn out a discovery for you, as it's so hard to imagine such a calm lifestyle not far from a crowded and noisy metropolis. During a one-day tour to Valaam you will be familiarized with remarkable history of this place, which combines w...
History of Kronstadt
Kronstadt - city fortress, city port Rebellious city, the center of scientific inventions. Closed city, military unit. It's all about this city, about Kronstadt. The population of the city in rare pages of history exceeded 50 thousand people. Today Kronstadt is a long-standing athlete-all-rounder, who regretfully looks at the weakened muscles and recalls the past. Kronstadt has something to remem...
History of Valaam island
The war between Finland and USSR In 1939 the war between Finland and USSR began. Monastery brothers lived on the Valaam island almost to the end of the war. But the oldest brothers were evacuated in January 1940. The Brothers had to completely leave the Island in March 13. When Finland became independent after the Russian revolution some monks from monastery on Ladoga were in Saint-Petersburg an...
Hydrofoil excursion to Kronstadt
One of the most eventful hydrofoil excursions is a trip to Kronstadt. Kronstadt is situated on Kotlin island, which is washed by the Gulf of Finland from all sides. For a long time the island could be only reached by water transport. Today one can easily get there by car, but the quickest and, undoubtedly, the most pleasant way is a hydrofoil trip. Above all Kronstadt is known as the town of Mili...
Hydrofoil trip from Saint Petersburg to Peterhof
One of the most popular suburb places of St. Petersburg, not only among tourists but also among locals, is Petershof. Exactly in Peterhof you can have an enjoyable walk along a magnificent park, admire the architecture art of the previous centuries, and learn the history of the Russian state and Imperial dynasty. The quickest and most comfortable way to reach Peterhof is by high speed motorboat h...