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Valaam Island

Nikolsky skete
In the vicinity of Valaam island there is a no less picturesque Nikolsky island. Previously it was called Krestovoy (Cross island), because even long ago there stood a cross of respectful salutation, which represented a symbol of the sacred land and served as a landmark for passing vessels. In 19th century a chapel of Saint Nicholas was erected on...
Monastery Bay
The monastery bay is the first thing that tourists and pilgrims see arriving on Valaam. It is precisely in this bay that small vessels enter to moor at the pier near the monastery. Directly from the pier begins the stairs, which rise to the central manor. The peculiarity of the Valaam archipelago is a strongly indented coastline and a multitude of...
Valaam Monastery
Valaam monastery was founded on Valaam archipelago in the 16th century. The exact date of the foundation is unknown, though many historians agree that it happened during the period of Christianization of Kievan Rus'. However, according to the monastery legend, Valaam monastery appeared even in 960, the founders of it were Saint Herman and Sergius. ...