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Samson Fountain

The Golden Samson, tearing the jaws of the lion, is the third composition that has been installed at this place, which we see near the lower stage of the Grand Cascade. The first sculptural group was made of lead by the famous architect Rastrelli.

The allegorical composition was established in 1735. It was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Poltava victory. According to the plan of Emperor Peter I, the plot was supposed to be different. Peter was thinking about one of the exploits of Hercules. He wanted to see a duel between the hero and the Lorna hydra, symbolizing the victory of Russia over Sweden.

The idea did not have time to realize, and returned to it already under Anna Ioannovna. However, another hero was chosen - Samson. It happened apparently because the Battle of Poltava had on the day of Samson the Stranger. And the lion was associated with the Swedish kingdom, as depicted on the coat of arms of this northern country.

Samson was installed twice more. The first time was in 1821, when they replaced the old figure with a new one. And in 1947, they installed the newly-cast Samson in the place of the original that was lost during the war.

In 2010, the sculpture was restored. On an excursion to the Lower Park of Peterhof, you can see the fountain "Samson" and learn its history.


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