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The Museum of Bulgarian Civilization

The museum tells about the culture of the ancient people who once lived on the Volga coast. The city of Bolgar is a protected area. Here was the capital of the disappeared Bulgarian state.

The multi-level stone building of the museum, made in the Oriental style, combined with the river station. It is deployed to the Volga and harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape. There is a magnificent palace - a unique gateway to the ancient city tourists can see while arriving by boat.

Directly from the station square you can get to the lower level of the museum. There is an exit to the territory of the Bolgar settlement from the upper terrace. The interiors are decorated in modern style. However, the decoration of natural stone and the abundance of elements characteristic of ancient architecture, eliminates the feeling of being in a new building.

The museum exposition is conventionally divided into four blocks. Thematic excursions are held for each of them. You can see artifacts and learn about the discovery of the ancient city, the origin of the people, the development of civilization, its role in the history of the region in the museum.

You can visit the museum while going on a trip to the ancient city of Bolgar, explore its many exhibits, get acquainted with the unique culture of the vanished civilization.


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