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Hydrofoil to fortress Oreshek

Hydrofoil to Oreshek Fortress - walking on high-speed vessels along the Neva River with a visit to the Oreshek Fortress.

Oreshek is a very old Russian fortress. Since 1326 it has been standing on an island located in a very picturesque place: where the majestic and wayward Neva flows out of Lake Ladoga. The views here is amazing! We propose to make sure of this by taking a fascinating journey on a hydrofoil.

You can reach to ancient impregnable fortress which founded by the grandson of Alexander Nevsky only by water. The easiest way is to buy a special tour, which includes a transfer and a sightseeing tour.

On a clear day you can take wonderful photos and enjoy a boat trip when Ladoga is calm and the air is clear and transparent.

In a bad weather the trip becomes a real adventure: it becomes clear how difficult it is to get to the fortress even on modern hydrofoil. Under the piercing wind and rain, you realize what a feat Soviet soldiers accomplished, for 500 days from the shelled fortress defending the approaches to Leningrad.

You will learn the history of the Oreshek from its foundation to the present day. You will inspect the powerful walls, 4.5 meters thick, know the story of the first prisoners of the fortress, inspect the cells of the people’s prison. You will visit the place of execution of the revolutionary A. Ulyanov, who fought against the autocracy. You will see the oath sculptural group, created in memory of the defenders of the fortress, who died during the defense of Leningrad

The excursion program includes:

  • excursion aboard a high-speed hydrofoil;
  • sightseeing walking tour of the fortress with entrance tickets;
  • free time;
  • return to St. Petersburg on a hydrofoil with lunch on board.

You will see

Duration 5 hours 30 minutes


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