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Hydrofoil Cruise excursion to Kronstadt

Everyone knows that you can find plenty of remarkable sights and memorable places not only in Saint Petersburg, but also in the towns, which are situated in the vicinity of it. One of such places is Kronstadt – the town of Russian Military and Navy Glory, which is open to your visit.

Many tourists head off to port town by car, but if you prefer water transport, then the best option for you will be a modern and fast moving hydrofoil.

The hydrofoil excursion to Kronstadt starts at the very heart of Saint Petersburg, where a comfortable, fast motorboat will be waiting for the excursion group near the central pier. Later on moving through central water area of the Neva, passing around the Split of Vasilievsky Island, the hydrofoil will enter the Gulf of Finland and head directly for Kronstadt.

During the excursion to this remarkable town of Military Glory you will learn the most astonishing facts of its history, of the heroic feat of the soldiers who protected the Kronstadt fort and its main fortress. Hydrofoil tour to Kronstadt not only will make you familiar with the history of Kotlin island, upon which the town was founded, but will let you to feel the beauty and freedom of the sea travelling and even imagine yourself as a real sailor.


Kronstadt excursion includes:

  • Breath-taking hydrofoil tour through the Gulf of Finland with onboard excursion;
  • Walking sightseeing tour in Kronstadt (1.5 hour);
  • Naval Cathedral visiting;
  • Return hydrofoil trip with a special route, covering main forts.


The excursion is held from Thursday to Sunday at 12:30 pm

It is advisable to come 15 minutes before the beginning of the excursion. Show your ticket to the administrator on the quay.

You will see

Duration 6 hours 30 minutes


8 June 2023, Th09:10 Buy
9 June 2023, Fr09:10 Buy
10 June 2023, Sa09:10, 13:30 Buy
11 June 2023, Su09:10, 13:30 Buy
12 June 2023, Mo09:10, 13:30 Buy
13 June 2023, Tu09:10 Buy
14 June 2023, We09:10 Buy

Place of departure

Saint Petersburg, quay "Dvortsovaya Berth", 39 Dvortsovaya embankment.

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Students, retirees
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Citizens of the Russian Federation
Reduced rate
Students, retirees
Children under 16
3 840a
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