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Hydrofoil excursion to Kronstadt

Hydrofoil excursion to Kronstadt

One of the most eventful hydrofoil excursions is a trip to Kronstadt. Kronstadt is situated on Kotlin island, which is washed by the Gulf of Finland from all sides. For a long time the island could be only reached by water transport. Today one can easily get there by car, but the quickest and, undoubtedly, the most pleasant way is a hydrofoil trip.

Above all Kronstadt is known as the town of Military and Naval Glory; the reason will become apparent within minutes of your arrival. The foundation of the town started from a decree of Peter the Great in 1703, the main objective of which was to create a powerful fortress, preventing the invasion of Saint Petersburg from the water. Non-typical location of the town explains peculiarities of Kronstadt building system: the town stretches up to 10 kilometers, but the width barely amounts to 3 meters.

Walking along the steets of Kronstadt you may notice, that architectural features of it resemble ones of Saint Petersburg. The fact is that Peter the Great considered Kronstadt to be a part of the capital, so the main sites were designed by the same architect, who were involved in St. Petersburg development: D. Trezzini, S. Chevakinsky, V. Bazhenov and many others.

The heart of Kronstadt is undoubtedly St. Nikolas Naval Cathedral, the visiting of which is included in excursion program. The cathedral was erected in honour of victories and feats of Russian Navy soldiers. The construction of the cathedral under the direction of V. Kosyakov started in 1903 and took a decade. Revolutionary movements and war years could not leave the exterior and interior of the cathedral untouched: many of its parts were destroyed, precious icons and rizas (metal covers of the icons) were stolen. Fortunately, the cathedral was recently renovated and now it certainly may be regarded as one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Russia.

Thanks to eventful excursion you can get familiar with remarkable history of Kronstadt and take in the spirit of this port town. A breath-taking hydrofoil trip will complement the range of your feelings, as you will depicture yourself as a real sailor.