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Hydrofoil trip from Saint Petersburg to Peterhof

Hydrofoil trip from Saint Petersburg to Peterhof

One of the most popular suburb places of St. Petersburg, not only among tourists but also among locals, is Petershof. Exactly in Peterhof you can have an enjoyable walk along a magnificent park, admire the architecture art of the previous centuries, and learn the history of the Russian state and Imperial dynasty.

The quickest and most comfortable way to reach Peterhof is by high speed motorboat hydrofoil, which connects the Summer Residence of Peter the Great directly to the very center of Saint Petersburg. The hydrofoil is equipped with special underwater wings and powerful engines, which enable its high speed. Thus the trip to Peterhof  takes you only about an hour, during which you will enjoy the scenery of St. Petersburg and enjoy all this tour has to offer. You can purchase the ticket for a hydrofoil trip on our website whenever it is comfortable for you.

Undoubtedly the highlight of Peterhof is its series of palaces and gardens, which is divided into two parts: Upper Gardens and Lower Park. One can take a walk through the Upper Gardens free of charge and enjoy the beauty of plant compositions and several fountains. However, the most wonderful landmarks and fountain complexes are located in the Lower Park, its entrance ticket costs from 300 to 600 rubles depending on the category of a visitor.

The most significant landmark of the Lower Park is considered to be Grand Palace. Construction and long renovation of the palace lasted two centuries and several state governors changed during this period. Various preferences and tastes, influenced by fashion craze, resulted in the mix of styles in the building exterior, embodying classicism, rococo and other styles. The masterpiece was created by several outstanding architects, who have worked on it in different time periods: F. B. Rastrelli, J. Vallin de la Mothe, Y. Felten and others. Besides Grand Palace Peterhof park includes moderate Marly Palace, majestic Monplaisir Palace and Nagorny Palace.

One can't help but admire the beauty of the fountains in Peterhof park. Lower Park territories alone comprise 176 single fountains and 4 large fountain cascades. The main cascade divides the park into eastern and western parts, which have essential characteristics.

A curious element of the park is the "trick fountains". The idea to install such special water attractions was borrowed by Peter the Great from Europe. He decreed that some park walkways surprise high level guests with unexpected jets of cold water. Nowadays the trick fountains are still operating and every park visitor has the opportunity to outsmart the tricky mechanism and remain dry after walking near such fountains.

No single guide book is capable of reflecting the beauty of all Peterhof sights, because at every step you'll encounter magnificent sculptures, majestic fountains and picturesque perspectives. After you fully enjoy the unique beauty of Peterhof, you can come back to Saint Petersburg with a hydrofoil, and this return trip will be a pleasant icing on the cake of this unforgettable experience.