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Hydrofoil tour to fortress Oreshek

Hydrofoil tour to fortress Oreshek

Among the various tourist offers the most interesting seem to be the places preserving its pristine view to the present day. One of such sights is fortress Oreshek and we suggest you take a tour on a modern comfortable hydrofoil.

The fortress Oreshek was named after the island, where it was founded . This small island was distinct in a thicket of hazel nut trees (Oreshek means "a small nut" in Russian). However, Oreshek is not the only name of the fortress. Due to its favourable location the fortress has always been a desirable object to conquer for Swedes. The parties fought for the fortress for a long time, the odds shifted one side to the other several times. During the conquest of the fortress by Swedes in 1612 it received a name of Noteburg. Several decades later during the Northern War Peter the Great's troops managed to gain back the fortress and its name was changed again for Shlisselburg.

After the construction of Kronstadt Oreshek stopped to function as the main defensive fortress. That's why up to the 19th century Oreshek served as a prison for political prisoners and betrayers. The prisoners who committed severe crimes were kept in underground casemates in very harsh conditions. One of the most shocking stories is the story of Ivan VI. The emperor was toppled in a coup d'état and later imprisoned in the fortress Oreshek, where he was killed at the age of 23. A professional guide will tell you about the Shlisselburg prisoners and their hard life.

The years of the Great Patriotic War saw dramatic events in the fortress Oreshek. In the days of the Leningrad Blockade a small garrison of  the fortress managed to suppress fascist troops, that helped to organize the Road of Life, which served as the route of transporting provisions.

During the visit of the fortress Oreshek you will imagine yourself a hero of a real adventure, as from the first minutes of the walk you will encounter an antique folding bridge and heavy fortress gate, hiding long and harsh history of the legendary fortress.