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Hydrofoil to Peterhof and back with departure from the Bronze Horseman

If you want an advice, how to get to Peterhof, and immediately be at the entrance to the park? There is a very comfortable way to quickly move from the center of St. Petersburg to the capital of fountains. Forget about the boring bus and the familiar suburban train, use the original transport that takes you to the brilliant Peterhof on the water.

Moreover, if you have small children, it is much more pleasant and interesting to travel on the hydrofoil. You will not have problems when entering the hydrofoil with a sidecar. On the hydrofoil there is a place where babies can stand near the panoramic windows. There is also a small bar and toilet. The toilet is important, especially when traveling with children.

Only on this website you can buy a ticket to the Peterhof hyderofoil in advance for any day.

When you buy a ticket on the website, you are guaranteed to get places in the hyderofoil.

The sale of tickets on the day of the trip ends 1 hour before the departure of the hydrofoil. Plan your vacation in advance!

Traveling along the river and the sea is between heaven and earth: there is only water and fresh air around.

Using the hydrofoil on the underwater wings, you will feel the pleasant feeling of flying. Weather conditions will not ruin your walking. Passengers are protected from precipitation, cold splashes and penetrating wind when they stay in the cozy cabin of the hydrofoil which going to Peterhof,

Every time you look out the window, you see a quick change of landscapes. Meanwhile, Peterhof is rapidly approaching - the rocket is flying at high speed.

The hydrofoil will enter the Gulf of Finland and rush along the Petrovsky fairway, after passing the historic center and residential areas of the new time, passing along the stocks of the shipbuilding plant, passing the cable-stayed bridge.

Your excursion to Peterhof will begin even before the hydrofoil moor at the pier of the Lower Park. On the approach, a beautiful panorama unfolds before the travelers: the sea facade of the front royal residence and the famous Grand Cascade, which runs down to the sea in wide steps.

The pearl of Peterhof is the fountains of the Lower Park. Ideal compositions of sculptural ensembles, the beauty and graphic quality of water jets produce an indelible impression on each visitor. A walk in Peterhof can last for a whole day, so it is important not to waste precious minutes on traffic jams. If you decide to buy a ticket to the rocket to Peterhof, then you will not have to worry about the tedious road - a trip along the water surface will be a pleasant rest for passengers! The hydrofoil to Peterhof will reach the pier of the Lower Park and allow you to begin your acquaintance with the treasure of Russian culture and history, while you enjoy the beauty of the grand Petersburg, the picturesque views of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland.

When you arrive to Peterhof, you shouldn’t immediately run to the fountains, crackers and the beautiful Monplaisir, but take a look at the Catherine's building, imperceptible at first glance. You will also find there a lot of interesting things.

When you will take a photo of the "Northern Versailles from the sea" and buy an entrance ticket, you will be take to the wonderful festival of fountains in Peterhof. In this case, your walk is not limited by the excursion framework, you choose the routeby yourself.

Of course everyone is waiting for the summer. Especially tourists to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in Europe - St. Petersburg and its magnificent suburbs. Travel in comfort, do not stand in traffic jams, travel on hydrofoils. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Free travel is provided for children under 3 years old (without a separate seat).

We recommend to arrive 15 minutes before the hydrofoil departure time specified on the ticket.

Travel time takes 35-40 minutes.

You will see

Duration 35 minutes

Place of departure

from Saint-Petersburg: Saint-Petersburg, 2 English embankment, «Senate pier»
from Peterhof: Quay No.1 and No.4 of Lower Park in Sate Museum Reserve Peterhof


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