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Excursions and tours on hydrofoils to the island of Valaam

We offer excursions and multi-day tours to Valaam with departure from Priozersk or Sortavala. A fast-flying hydrofoil takes you to the holy island of Valaam. It is famous for its magnificent northern nature and unique climate. Just imagine that the island has mostly good weather, although Ladoga is proud and wayward. The catalog of the Nameteor.ru website contains the current timetable, a detailed description of each tour. Our prices are the same as the operators’ prices.
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Hydrofoil to Valaam
Valaam island is often called "Ladoga Perl", as among many advantages this place is characterized by architectural sights, picture
The Vyborg Highway, across the shop O'Key (metro Ozerky)
From 3 250a
Valaam Rhapsody
A four-day excursion to Valaam is a short vacation on a wonderful island with beautiful nature and a unique microclimate, an oppor
The Vyborg Highway, across the shop O'Key (metro Ozerky)
The nearest tour: 04.10.2020 at 06:00
From 19 600a 15 680a
Valaam Symphony
In the summer, everyone especially wants to escape from the city to nature: to clear lake water, slender pines, rocks heated by th
The Vyborg Highway, across the shop O'Key (metro Ozerky)
From 27 200a

Fascinating Travels around Ladoga and Emotional Relaxation on Valaam

The program of any trip includes: a wonderful boat trip on Ladoga Lake, visiting the central farmstead and going to the main temple of the Valaam Monastery, walking on the island with an experienced guide, information support.

During the trips, even the one- day, meals are organized. If you are traveling for 2, 3, 4 or 8 days, the tour operator provides accommodation. Tourists are accommodated in a monastery hotel or on a tourist boat moored in one of the picturesque bays of the island.

You can get acquainted with the island in express mode in one day. And you can present to yourself some magical days on Valaam. Then you will admire the beautiful sunsets, enjoy the beauty of Karelian nature, make a pilgrimage to distant monasteries, attend a concert of spiritual songs.

You can select a tour and buy tickets online here and now. Even with a detailed study of the program of each trip, it will take up several minutes. Start preparing for the journey!