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Monastery Bay

The monastery bay is the first thing that tourists and pilgrims see arriving on Valaam. It is precisely in this bay that small vessels enter to moor at the pier near the monastery. Directly from the pier begins the stairs, which rise to the central manor.

The peculiarity of the Valaam archipelago is a strongly indented coastline and a multitude of islands of very different sizes, including very tiny ones. The path to Valaam runs past Nikolsky Island. Previously, all the vessels passed on him a strict inspection. The St. Nicholas Skete and the old customs are still on the island. On the hill stands the church of St. Nicholas. From the boat tourists can see her golden head.

At the Island Fishing Bay is narrowed, turning into a narrow strait between the Skitsky and Valaam Islands. It is impossible to take a look away from local landscapes. Snow-white seagulls fly above the bright blue water, the waves beat against granite rocks, the domes of churches peep out from behind the trees.

You will see this beauty, going on a trip to the wonderful island of Valaam.


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