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The distinctive feature of Kronstart is its defensive forts, preserved up to the present day. Forts, built at different periods of time from 18th century to the beginning of 20th century were the most important defensive construction. The idea of their creation belongs to Peter the Great, who decided to build a reliable obstacle against Swedish troops, coming to the Neva Bay and Petersburg.

The forts construction began from the south side of Kotlin island. The majority of the forts were founded on artificial islands. The first fort of Kronstadt was Kronshlot. This fortress was constructed in the form of decagon with the maximum width 29 meters. In 1704-1705 Kronshlot played a crucial role in defense against Swedish ships. Nowadays fort Kronshlot together with fort Peter the Great serve as acting objects of naval base of Saint Petersburg and the entrance is strictly forbidden.

However, one can easily take a look at and walk through other numerous objects of fort complex. South port No. 3 named Milyutin still has the elevator for projectiles lifting. The story of the fort No. 4 known as the fort Zverev is surrounded by many legends and rumours. In the summer it's difficult to make out a military fortress in this thickly wooded island, but looking closer one can recognize many details of war action still remaining. According to one version in 70-s oil and lubricants were utilized in fort's casemates. It explains the fort nickname "Burnt", as one can't help feeling a specific smell of this place. Nevertheless, historical value of this fortification is so great, that in 1990 Northern fort No. 4 was conferred a status of UNESCO cultural heritage.

You can learn the history of other forts by going on a hydrofoil tour to Kronstadt. Unique view of town and fortifications, opening from the Gulf of Finland will certainly impress you and give an opportunity to imagine yourself a real sailor.



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