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Church of the Transformation

Kizhi island

The image of the beautiful wooden many-domed church, a symbol of the Kizhi, is known all over the world. There is a legend that the magnificent wooden temple was built by the famous Nestor without a single nail.

Myths and Reality

It is said that the famous old Russian carpenter, having finished his work and admiring the beauty of the constructed building, threw his axe into Onega. Nestor thought that he would never do anything more perfect. The story is beautiful, but it is not confirmed by historical evidence. The names of the builders of the Church of the Transformation still have to learn.

The octahedral log house, the famous octagon, is really complicated without nails. But in the construction of domes and coating them with plowshares used a lot of nails.

1714 is the year of birth of the temple. The material served as pine logs, spruce boards and aspen plowshares. Russian tile, made of aspen, gives the domes an unusual silver colour.

The Church of the Transformation of the Lord is crowned with 22 onion heads of various sizes. They are located in several tiers. Each head is fixed with stand, the barrel.

When you will go to Kizhi you see the wonderful Transformation Church before arriving at the reserved island. You will get acquainted with the history and architecture of the temple on the tour.

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