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White mosque

The complex "Ak-Mechet", which is translated from the Tatar means "White Mosque", is located in the city of Bolgar. The ancient capital of the Bulgarian state is located 200 km from Kazan. Tourists get here by road or water transport.

The white mosque is a modern construction. It is open in the summer of 2012. The mosque is open to all. Both believers and tourists can freely enter it.

The white color of the building symbolizes spiritual purity. The walls are decorated with traditional Islamic ornament. The columns crowned with crescents frame the entrances. The complex includes two high minarets.

The cult building has three domes. The diameter of the main one is 9 m, and the height is 17 m. The scattered light gives mystery to the spacious prayer hall. He is quite big. Its area is 180 m2.

1200 tons of marble were used during the construction of Ak-machet. The building has the shape of a square. In the center of it is a large area, paved with granite. The square is framed by an openwork arcade supported by 88 thin columns. Behind the gallery you can see the park.

In the center of the square is a reservoir. In its waters reflected the magnificent White Mosque. You can see it during the excursion to the Bolgar.


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